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FHA Issues New Appraiser Guidelines!! Use State Certified FHA Appraisers!
November 14th, 2008 7:09 PM

Heres the latest on FHA appraisers! If you're using ONLY a state licensed FHA appraiser, think twice! FHA believes they do not have the experience necessary to be on the FHA roster any longer!

As a State Certified FHA Appraiser, who has been on the FHA Roster longer than most appraisers have been in business, you're taking a risk that's not necessary. Use the best, call me!

Craig A. Nordal @760-612-4154 or order that FHA appraisal or estate or divorce appraisal on line at NordalAppraisal.com!

FHA Appraisers

 Information by State
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What's New

Effective October 1, 2008, FHA will accept new applications only from state-certified appraisers.

No new applications will be accepted from state-licensed appraisers as a result of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, signed July 30, 2008.

FHA will issue a mortgagee letter in the next couple of weeks that will address additional requirements mandated by the new law.


Reference Materials

 -   Handbook HUD-4150.2
 -   Revised Appendix D
 -   Revised Appendix C
 -   Revised Appendix A
 -   Revised Table of Contents
 -   HOC Reference Guide

Mortgagee Letters

These policy letters update handbook HUD-4150.2:
 -   08-09 Second appraisals are required; Limits on cash-out
 -   07-11 FHASecure guidance and appraiser responsibilities
 -   06-26 FHA exam (obsolete)
 -   06-24 New HUD-92564-CN "For Your Protection: Get Home Inspection"
 -   06-09 Revised Appendices A&C
 -   05-48; Repair & inspections; Revised Appendix D
 -   05-34 Use of FNMA forms; VC & HS obsolete & other guidance; Revised Appendix D

All HUD policy documents and forms are available in HUDclips. The shortcut is www.hud.gov/hudclips.

Helpful Tools
 -   Appraisers by lender affiliation
 -   Appraisers by location, name, license status
 -   FHA approved lenders
 -   FHA-approved condominiums
 -   FHA mortgage limits
 -   Minimum Property Standards
 -   Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
 -   Geological, flood and disaster maps
 -   Subcontracting Opportunities


Effective immediately, licensed appraisers who were approved for placement on the FHA appraiser roster, but who have not kept their roster status current due to the failure to renew an appraisal license, sanctioning or other constraints, and who are now requesting reinstatement to the roster will be treated like new applicants (see "What's New") and, therefore, are NOT ELIGIBLE for reinstatement. Only certified appraisers may request and receive reinstatement on the FHA appraiser roster.

Getting started

 -   Eligibility requirements
 -   New applicant instructions - Effective October 1, you must be state-certified residential or state-certified general.
 -   Check your roster status
 -   Your responsibilities
 -   Establish a user ID
 -   Update your information
 -   Renew your credentials - Action required or your renewal may not automatically update. Read more.
 -   Request reinstatement - Effective Oct. 1, FHA will not reinstate licensed appraisers who allowed their roster status to lapse.

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